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The person, most commonly in Mumbai, who is part of a delivery system that collects hot food in lunch boxes from the residences of workers in the late morning, delivers the lunches to the workplace and returns the empty boxes to the worker's residence is known to be dabbawala.


It was the time when India was under British rule, who came to the colony did not like the local food and Parsi banker employed a person to bring home made food to site of work. His colleagues too like this idea and started availing services with about 25 men in 1890. It was being headed by president, Raghunath Medge, who was assisted by a general secretary, a treasurer and director. They almost covered 60-70 kms distance with 5000 employee, number of dabbas 2, 00,000 and delivered within 3 hrs.

Six Sigma performance

In 1998, Forbes Global magazine conducted a quality assurance study on the Dabbawalas operations and gave it a six sigma rating of 99.9999.

Latest marketing strategy

Marketing pamphlets in the Dabba, tag on dabba Bag, printing on dabba bag, printed T-shirts to dabbawala etc, the marketing strategies. Star TV hired services of dabbawalas to distribute the pamphlets of Amitabh bacchan anchored KBC reaching 2 lakhs Mumbaikars in just 4 days. Maharashtra government propagates HIV awareness through dabbawala chanel. Campaigns done for many companies in Mumbai. Dabbawala are the fasted and most economic method to reach the nook and corner of Mumbai.